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Magnets custom can do those sizes? ( Magnet] Physical interpretation of the

by:Maghard      2020-08-25
Magnets custom can do those sizes? ( Magnet] Physical interpretation in our ndfeb magnet manufacturers, magnets are customized according to customer requirements, however we ndfeb magnets which specification can be done about it? This we are very curious. Actually ndfeb magnet production specifications size in our ndfeb magnet manufacturers can be produced. Small magnets can be as small as a grain of rice, small to large can be as big as a brick. Based on the shape of different specifications, the magnet we magnets manufacturer production part of the magnet product display magnets custom samples from above we can see, this magnet size is very small, slightly error will be very obvious, thus affecting the overall product. The magnet how manufacturers in the production of the magnet above? Our magnet manufacturer of the magnet by multiple wire cutting machine precision cutting production, in order to achieve products that meet the user specifications and tolerance range. Custom magnets custom samples through the show, magnet can do what specifications, you now have a preliminary understanding, isn't it?
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