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Magnets must be after high temperature injection molding, how should we do?

by:Maghard      2020-08-30
Magnets must be after high temperature injection molding, how should we do? We must know about magnets have a certain understanding, but the magnet many is unable to bear the high temperature environment. However, some of our customers in the magnet, when using in a production process must be treated with high temperature and after high temperature treatment of magnet demagnetization will happen, so we should how to avoid the demagnetization in this link? Let's analyze the magnet manufacturer. Magnet after high temperature, the magnet manufacturers think avoid demagnetization method has the following two kinds, one is using high temperature performance of the materials to produce magnets, so that the magnet magnetic not happen demagnetization after high temperature, then the magnet cost will be on the high side, can lead to many customers can't accept it. Another method is that the magnet magnetization first through high temperature environment under the condition of without production, production after again to the magnetization of the magnet, before not magnetization, magnetic demagnetization magnet material through high temperature environment would not have happened or structure change. To sum up, if you are using magnets, need after high temperature environment, you can refer to our above some Suggestions for solution.
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