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Magnets to explain the design of rectangular magnets for you

by:Maghard      2020-09-03
Magnet for you to explain the design of square magnet square magnet in our magnet manufacturer in the production of many products, two styles come and go is rectangle and square. Although they both magnet is in addition to the physical dimension no other look very much the same, is more than that. Magnets are points of many kinds of brand level, rectangle and square magnet used in gift boxes and bags used above, some rectangular magnets used in high-temperature environment, so the magnets will choose high grade of performance magnets. Magnet with high temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature under the condition of high temperature demagnetization, to maintain the permanent magnetic magnet. Square magnet shape is different, here is our magnet manufacturer production part of the square of the magnet samples, effect, as shown by the magnet above show, we can see the size of the magnet is some thin, also some more thick, and even some long some short, in addition, we also notice that there is a difference between exterior coating, this is because the customers on the appearance and the pursuit of stability, making some magnet zinc and nickel plated. Through the interpretation of the magnet show, you probably have a preliminary knowledge of square magnet design.
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