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Magnets: why do you want to do electroplating processing? ( Magnet]

by:Maghard      2020-08-25
Magnets: why do you want to do electroplating processing? ( Magnet] Clothes make the man, beauty by beautiful outfit, this sentence we often hear in the ear. However, as we humans need love beautiful nature is not only, the magnet also need, why do you say that? Below we dongguan magnet manufacturer to explain. Magnet is composed of rare earth sintering solid black, then through the machine cut into various shapes, but still has not changed its appearance of black, appearance looks not beautiful. So what should we do? Dongguan magnet manufacturer to tell you! Electroplating electroplating magnet samples, we can do it on the surface of the magnet on an electric plating, such as galvanized, nickel plating, copper plating, etc. Added to the magnet of the electrodeposited coating can make magnets more beautify the appearance, in the case of performance does not affect can also increase the corrosion resistance of magnets, in the eyes of the magnet, the plating is really kill two birds with one stone. Electroplating magnet samples by the electroplating process, make originally belong to the dark shape of the magnet instant beautification, but also to consolidate its performance, in our eyes is a dongguan magnet manufacturers do not look down upon the process link.
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