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Manufacturer of magnet magnet production process is how to?

by:Maghard      2020-08-29
Magnet production is a very complicated process, need rare earth raw material through high heat sintering into square, and then through the magnet cutting machine production according to various shapes. Then we magnet manufacturer magnet production process is a what kind of situation? Below we magnet manufacturer to explain. * magnet manufacturer production workshop we before each magnets, magnet manufacturers must communicate with customer, understand customer needs of this magnet, after all, we are professional in the magnet. Many clients of magnets do not understand, what kind of thought that the more the better magnetic, actually this is not yes, for this situation, our magnet manufacturer will according to the actual needs of customers and then recommend the customer related dimensions and performance of the magnets, and will arrange make sample to the customer, to ensure product to meet customer requirements. To avoid the conflict between the back, to the customer before the big goods sample tests, this is the lowest cost and the most effective and to avoid the error link. This link for production magnet though optional, but we as a professional magnet manufacturer still insist on doing this, because only doing so can avoid error when big goods, whether customers make a mistake, or factory error, the losses are huge, at the same time also can give customers save a lot of material costs. * magnet manufacturer production workshop sample proofing although looks a bit redundant, but it is indispensable in the production process is an important link.
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