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Metal magnetic materials and magnetic materials, not how to distinguish

by:Maghard      2020-10-09
The role of magnetic materials in modern industrial equipment production, according to the performance of different, magnetic materials can be divided into metal magnetic materials and magnetic materials, not two categories, then what is the difference between them? Next magnet experts tell you first, metal magnetic materials, as the name implies, is made of metal or metal alloy compounds magnetic materials. Most metal magnetic material is based on iron, nickel or cobalt, add some of the other elements from high temperature and be become. This kind of magnetic materials play an important role in many places, such as high temperature, low frequency and high power applications. In addition, metal magnetic materials can be divided into hard magnetic, magnetic and magnetic pressure. Soft magnetic materials are easy to demagnetization, so use in the manufacture of electromagnet, transformer, etc. Hard magnetic materials, strong magnetic, and not easy to be eliminated, so the hard magnetic materials is also called permanent magnet materials. This kind of material is mainly used in the production of electrical equipment. Magnetic piezomagnetic materials can change with the length of the shape of the material, so it can use in the deep electric machine is a good choice. Nonmetallic magnetic material, is to use non-metallic materials synthesis of magnetic materials, ferrite is introduced here. Ferrite is composed of some metal oxide mixed firing, some similar to ceramic craft. Ferrite has the characteristics of high permeability, high resistivity. Main use is the antenna in the electronic technology and the magnetic core inductance. Nonmetallic magnetic materials because of its special quality have very important help for wireless electronics technology, many scientists are working on nonmetallic magnetic materials research, tries hard to play its biggest role. Can say, magnetic materials in the electronic, information, machinery production, industrial production and other aspects are closely linked, in which the role of nots allow to ignore
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