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Motor magnet material how to choose?

by:Maghard      2020-08-21
Motor magnet material how to choose? Commonly known as motor magnet motor magnet, in our daily life is very common one kind of product. Is also our magnet manufacturers often production and processing of a magnet, our magnet manufacturer production technology and process of the magnet for a piece of cake. Although we magnet manufacturer for motor magnets are very familiar with, but we can't easy to recommend to the customer. Because it is a kind of particular magnet motor magnet, must according to the requirement of the motor manufacturer of magnets to customize. * motor magnet sample magnet is affects the efficiency of the motor, and the cost of production is relatively high, the performance is not the same as the magnets for motors is not the same. We are professional manufacturer of magnet in the production of this type of motor magnets, often can according to customers drawings for production, the client will make corresponding drawings according to their test results. Some customers in the absence of drawings, we magnet manufacturer will let the engineer and the other docking, put forward the corresponding solutions for them according to past experience, let the other side, through tests to choose the corresponding performance. Through the choice of the motor magnets, do you have the relevant preliminary understanding, isn't it? If you still do not understand, you can discuss with us, you are welcome.
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