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Motor magnets how to choose?

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
Must have a lot of people know this knowledge is not very understanding, let alone how to choose? But for know the personnel, the motor magnetic ring is to distinguish the fierce zinc and nickel zinc ferrite magnet material, so how to pick out the good quality production materials? We are interested in this knowledge to compare, then let us specific to see this information! Usually motor magnets is mainly used in power line, so, everyone should know the power cord on the voltage rating is larger, so in the process of selection, we must pick out the most suitable magnetic ring. Also has a fierce zinc copper used in the power cord, but relatively less, such as select hard zinc copper used in the power cord, electronic products are very low frequency, will choose it. Magnetic ring at high frequencies, can play a good effect, but when use, we must, in accordance with the steps to perform the operation. Select motor magnetic ring is very important, for example some fierce zinc copper low frequency. Also used in high frequency also play its role, so we in the choice of plastic circular and use on the power line, to clear the electronic products to the power cord, what is the frequency, what is the use frequency. Small make up above the motor, to introduce the circular and how to choose? So, you should know about this knowledge more or less a lot! If you want to learn more information, please continue to log in our website, welcome customers to come to consult, please support our work. Thank you very much!
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