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Ndfeb magnet professional term' Residual magnetism. instructions

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
In ndfeb magnet industry definition: permanent magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove of the surface field Br remaining after the external magnetic field, referred to as the residual magnetic induction intensity. Referred to as 'remanence, expressed in Br, the unit for the mT ( KG) Milli tesla. KG for electromagnetic system of units, read for gaussian. 1 t = 10000 gs conversion relations. Residual magnetism and coercive force is already widely used magnetic circle two physical quantities, respectively from the magnetic saturation state ( This article only refers to the magnetic flux density B) Start at the drab and reduce the intensity of magnetic field H demagnetization curve and the coordinates of the intersection of vertical and horizontal shaft H B. Current transformer as one of the main equipment of power system, the performance of metrology, measurement, monitoring, protection, wave record range has important influence, because the current transformer is widespread in running remanent magnetism, the harm of residual magnetism of current transformer is bigger, once produced, will not disappear automatically, and the residual magnetism will exist for a long time, under the conditions of normal operation and current transformer remanence affects power system stable, reliable operation and accurate measurement, measurement. Ndfeb magnet is recorded the information in the material is as residual flux has been preserved. From the perspective of improving tape output, hope the Br as far as possible. Remanence coefficient of domestic remanence coefficient on the dc method specified in the national standard test was carried out relevant research: (1) to improve the method of dc test circuit, such as the use of the whole bridge circuit as a switch, reduced the measurement error of switching jitter; Integrating all the electronic components of the circuit to the considerable accuracy; Increase the bypass switch discharge resistance, protection discharge resistance; (2) dc method test process is optimized, such as the maximum field current power supply should be more than 5 times the rated current, can in a relatively short time to achieve the required field current limit; (3) digitizing measuring magnetic flux and high accuracy of the standard magnetic flux to the digital measurement of magnetic flux in the link for real-time calibration and calibration, increase the measurement accuracy. Dc method is improved, but due to the restriction of measuring principle, the method cannot be measured at the same time the initial magnetic flux and remanence coefficient of these two parameters, and when the degaussing inadequate, acquisition of remanence coefficient error exists.
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