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Ndfeb magnet with ferrite beads

by:Maghard      2020-09-19
Commercialization of ndfeb magnet it is found that the highest performance magnets, known as magnetic king, has the extremely high magnetic to its maximum magnetic energy product ( BHmax) Above ferrite ( Ferrite) More than 10 times. Machining properties of its itself is also quite good. Working temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. And the quality of a material is solid, stable performance, good cost performance, so its application is very extensive. But because of its chemical activity is very strong, so you have to handle with polish on the surface layer. ( Such as zinc plating, Ni, electrophoresis, passivation, etc. ) 。 Ferrite beads is a ferromagnetic metal oxide. Resistivity of ferrite magnetic material is much bigger than metals and alloys, but also a higher dielectric can line. Iron oxide magnetic iron can also performance in high frequency with high magnetic permeability. Therefore, ferrite has become a high-frequency weak current widely used in the field of magnetic material, not of metal. Because of the iron oxide iron magnetic energy stored in the unit volume is low, contains magnetization is low, thus limits its higher requirements in the low-frequency magnetic energy density in the field of high voltage and high power applications. Electromagnetic compatibility is refers to the electrical circuits in the clutter due to various reasons, the clutter is not only to hinder the normal operation of electrical circuits, and its radiation has certain harm to human body. So countries ( Especially in the European Union) There are all kinds of rules, that is, the electromagnetic compatibility.
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