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Ndfeb magnetic material, leading the future intelligent manufacturing

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
Dongguan ndfeb is a new type of permanent magnetic material, can realize signal conversion, power/mechanical energy transfer and other important function, is widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, computer and home appliance field. Ndfeb magnetic material needs to continue to maintain rapid growth, the growth pole shift from traditional fields to the emerging field. Service robots, industrial robots, and new energy cars downstream of three areas is penetrating ndfeb industry segment compound growth rate of the fastest three downstream areas, considering the new energy vehicles and service robotics is in bud, the base of the early small, the compound growth rate significantly higher than other areas. ( Such as car motor, EPS, frequency conversion air conditioning field keep moderate growth of about 16%) Therefore, our judgment is: high performance ndfeb magnetic material as a new material by macro economic fluctuation is small, production continued growth in the recent ten years, the downstream pattern of future product demand will gradually change, new energy vehicles and the use of robots proportion will be significantly increased. As the global production capacity to the further concentration of domestic, as well as domestic ndfeb production enterprise resource integration, ndfeb industry product structure obviously improved. Based on resources endowment and human cost advantage, ndfeb production capacity to gather, the summary of the output ratio is close to 90% of global production. Deep processing processes are in the off to domestic, sintered ndfeb production increases under the condition of the manufacturing process used in early products ndfeb alloy plate significant decline in exports for several years, and tried to break the MQ magnetic powder bonded ndfeb magnetic powder monopoly and exports continued to rise. Industry fundamentals continue to improve, profit differentiation guide enterprises to accelerate the industrial chain expansion and product structure adjustment. Companies for the past three years the magnetic material business and integrating upstream and downstream. In 2016 as demand further changes of market structure, different downstream market competition and the profit level - a significant differentiation - Traditional field scene is difficult to continue, wind power market recovery endurance is limited, motor vehicle and industrial high efficiency and energy saving motor become have high profit margins and high growth rate of blue ocean areas. We believe that the leading enterprises in the industrial chain expansion and the trend of the same product structure adjustment, operating and transformation strategy for the next five to 10 years of development have important influence. Dongguan to emerging markets to the world. New energy vehicles and robots is to ensure the dominant driving force of ndfeb demand growth in the future. Auto motor and robot field for the product performance and precision demand is higher, the motor enterprise mode to buy more for checking samples, give three qualifications, stable supply; Product certification cycle long and relatively stable supply relationship, protect downstream enterprises consider preference options have stable supply ability of product design of magnetic material suppliers. We judge ndfeb built closely linked with the downstream customers early is the basis of the outbreak of future performance, and to establish contact and performance between certain demurrage, based on this, we believe that the first step in robot and enterprise in the field of new energy vehicles can enjoy more by the dividends of demand growth. /
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