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neodymium magnets - an excellent rare earth magnet

by:Maghard      2020-03-12
There is no doubt that nd magnets are the strongest and most popular rare earth magnets.
It is made of iron (Fe), Neodymium (Nd), and boron (B)
The structure Nd2Fe14B is composed of Foursquare crystals.
It is also called NIB, NdFeB, or Neo magnets.
It is a permanent and very durable metal.
The metals were invented in 1980.
Today, they are the most powerful and affordable rare variety. earth magnet.
In this article, I would basically like to highlight some of the key properties of the nd magnet.
Let\'s start with the first one. 1.
The high single-axis magnetic crystal specificity of this metal gives it a high mandatory capability.
Due to the crystal structure of the Foursquare Nd2Fe14B, they have a high demagnetic resistance.
Due to this feature, this metal is widely used in many different types of industrial applications. 2.
This metal has excellent magnetic field strength.
One problem with this magnet is that if it is allowed to break together, it may even break and split. 3.
The Curie temperature is the highest temperature for the metal to lose its magnetic properties.
These metals usually have a lower operating temperature for thermal applications and can catch fire at high temperatures. 4.
These products are much stronger than any other horseshoe magnet on the market.
They have the strongest magnetic properties.
Nd magnets are small and powerful metals.
These permanent metals have now replaced aluminum, nickel and ferrite body magnets.
These magnets are now used for countless applications such as computer hard drives, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic guitars, audio speakers, motors, actuators, electronic devices, CD, DVD, mobile phones, digital cameras, watch, timer switch, car, bicycle, fishing reel brake, magnetic toy for children, etc.
You can easily transfer these elements from place to place.
Even a small size magnet has high energy.
Let me tell you that the Arctic of metal nd will only attract the Arctic of other metal nd elements, and it will always exclude the Antarctic.
These elements usually have different shapes and sizes.
The day-to-day market is filled with a variety of Neo magnets.
You can easily find disc-shaped, cylindrical or circular objects.
Let me tell you one more thing, it will serve you for the rest of your life if you use this magnet gently.
I hope you have a good idea of this thing now.
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