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new element with magnetic properties discovered

by:Maghard      2020-02-23
Washington: Scientists have discovered the chemical element ru (Ru)
It is the fourth element with unique magnetic properties at room temperature.
The findings, led by researchers at the University of Minnesota in the United States, can be used to improve devices in the sensor, computer memory and logic industries, or other devices that use magnetic materials.
The use of magnetism, or the basic mechanism of certain materials (such as iron)
Form a permanent or be attracted by a , dating back to the ancient times of navigation using curb stones.
Since then, only three elements on the periodic table have been found to be iron magnetic at room temperature-iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), and nickel (Ni).
Rare earth element gd (Gd)
Almost missed 8 degrees Celsius.
The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, opens the door for the basic study of this new ferromagnetic Ru.
Magnetic materials are very important in industrial and modern technology and have been used for basic research and many daily applications such as sensors, motors, generators, hard disk media, and recent spin memories.
As film growth has improved over the past few decades, the ability to control lattice structures has also improved
Even the structure of power that is essentially impossible.
The research shows that the super of Ru Ke\'s fourth single-element ferromagnetic material
The thin film forces the ferromagnetic phase.
Jian-said: \"We are excited and grateful to be the first group to experiment at room temperature and add the fourth iron element to the periodic table . \"
Wang Ping, professor at the University of Minnesota.
\"It\'s an exciting but tricky question.
It took us about two years to find a suitable way to grow this material and verify it.
This work will trigger the magnetic research community to study the basic aspects of magnetic properties for many wells
Wang added: \"known elements.
\"The ability to manipulate and characterize substances on atomic scales is the cornerstone of modern information technology,\" said Paul Wells, a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Madison.
Magnetic recording is still the dominant technology of data storage, but the random based on magnetic recording
Access to memory and computing begins to replace it.
Compared with traditional hard disk media magnetic materials, these magnetic memory and logic devices impose additional restrictions on magnetic materials for storing and calculating data.
This push for new materials has led to renewed interest in attempts to achieve predictions, suggesting that under the right conditions
Ferromagnetic materials such as Ru and PalladiumPd)and osmium (Os)
It can become a .
On the basis of the theoretical prediction established, the researchers used seed layer engineering to force the square phase of Ru, and Ru preferred to have hexagonal structure, and the first instance of the magnetic properties of a single element was observed at room temperature.
Ru is interesting from an applied point of view because it has antioxidant properties, and other theoretical predictions claim that it has high thermal stability
An important requirement for scaling magnetic memory.
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