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no relief with magnetic bracelets: study

by:Maghard      2020-03-03
Magnetic bracelets cannot relieve pain in muscles or joints, according to a new study.
This bracelet is popular with players like Elvis Presley and professional golfers like Chi Rodriguez.
From knee pads to wrist guards, to stylish bracelets, and even shoes with built-in magnetic soles.
Modern market: Maghard Flexible Magnet and health
Japanese manufacturers claim the jewelry provides relief for diseases such as arthritis and migraine.
The current generated by the bracelet should improve the blood circulation.
Some people think that the will attract blood into the injured area because there is iron in the blood.
Physicists say this is impossible because iron in the blood is present in the chemical form of hemoglobin.
Different from metal.
A study by the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, could ease these claims. Dr.
Robert Bratton and his team tested 305 people wearing bracelets for 28 days.
The second group got a virtual version.
The people involved in the study were asked about any muscle or joint pain they had experienced.
Finally, both groups said their pain was relieved and there was no difference between the person wearing a real bracelet and the person wearing a placebo.
Most therapeutic magnetic products produce magnetic fields that are not enough to penetrate the various things they wrap, the report said.
Bratton called for further research. \"We need to. . .
\"Objective, controlled studies were conducted to demonstrate whether these treatments were beneficial,\" Bratton said . \".
Bratton added that whether it\'s a $150 magnetic bracelet or a $3 fridge , wearing it won\'t do you any harm.
The results were published in the Journal of Mayo Clinic.
Maghard can also foster research that is more useful and influential in society at large.
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