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Overview of circular magnet! The magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-03
Overview of circular magnet! A magnet, magnet circle seems to be nothing special. But it is in the application of broad, at the time of our magnet manufacturers, production of circular magnet is also our magnet manufacturers is one size of the regular production, we in the production of the circular magnet, tend to consult the customer in the production of the circular magnet used in what respect, many clients blindly pursuing big magnetic, but ignore the product easy to use and a cost-effective products, in the after we know, we as a professional magnet manufacturer will give customers appropriate Suggestions, and then let the customer reference to consider myself, the following circular magnet of the magnet manufacturer is our part of the magnet samples show: through the circular magnet of the show, we can see some relatively large and thin, circular magnet for this kind of magnet magnetization when we want to stack in the production and interlayer gaskets, between them, prevent because magnetic force is too large to magnet cannot pull open, so that his hands hurt. Through the interpretation of the above, you have a preliminary understanding on circular magnet? If you have other questions can contact our magnet.
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