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patterned feni soft magnetic strips film with tunable resonance frequency from 1 to 10.6u2009ghz

by:Maghard      2020-03-20
Wide soft magnetic film
The range-adjustable magnetic resonance frequency is suitable for the miniature and multi-functional of microwave integrated circuits.
The manufacture of these films for high
Frequency applications are often complex and difficult.
We show an easy way to make patterned FeNi soft magnetic strip films by RF sputtering and photoprinting.
The film prepared by this method has a tuned in-
Plane single-axis magnetic asymmetry (IPUMA)
For different strip widths and gaps.
As the strip width changes from 500 to 2 μm, the IPUMA field increases from 2 monotony.
2 to 576 Oe, resonance frequency from 1 to 10. 6u2009GHz(
Four microwave bands including L, S, C and X bands)respectively. This ultra-wide-
The range tonality of the resonance frequency can be attributed to the shape of the bar.
Considering that the FeNi alloy has a relatively low magnetic crystal heterogeneity, a wider range of adjustable resonance frequencies can be obtained using materials with a stronger magnetic crystal heterogeneity.
A patterned Ta/FeNi/Ta film with a strip array was prepared by sputtering method and photoprinting method.
The target was used during the sputtering process.
The coating resistance is rotated on the silicon backing layer, and then the contact optical exposure technology is applied to make different and different strips.
And change from 2 to 500 and 2 to 30, respectively.
We first deposited Ta/FeNi/Ta films on the silicon backing with a patterned anti-photoresist, and then we directly-
The base pressure is less than 1 × 10 pa, and the Ar treatment pressure is 0. 4 Pa.
The thickness of the FeNi layer is 120 nm.
The seed and capping layer are Ta with a thickness of 5 nm.
The patterned FeNi strip is produced by removing the anti-photoresist with acetone.
The surface topology was studied by SEM and AFM methods.
Measurement of, and thickness of patterned Ta/FeNi/Ta films with Dektak-
XT step analyzer.
On CMRR, the thickness and roughness of FeNi layer and Ta layer were measured by neutron reflection method.
A vibrating sample magnetic meter (VSM, BKT-4500Z)
It is used to study the static magnetic properties of FeNi film.
The permeability spectrum of the sample is measured between 100mhz and 15 ghz, using a short-circuit micro-
Belt drive-
Line interference method implemented by vector network analyzer (
VNA of Agilent PNA8363B).
All measurements were made at room temperature.
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