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Permanent magnet of the broad application field

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Now, with the rapid development of social economy, and sex strong magnet is also followed the pace of social progress, occupies very important position in the field of the application, application is very extensive. In the IT industry, hard disk drives, cd-rom drives, monitors, printers, acoustics, notebook and so on all need a lot of strong ndfeb permanent magnets, as accessories. IT industry is updated quickly, technical requirements of these permanent sex strong magnet will be more and more is also high. Lighting, LCD TV, electric cars, electric toys and growing demand for permanent sex strong magnet. Such as now LED lights need to use a lot of ferrite magnetic material. Electronic electrical products is all over the world are used magnets, the high technical requirements of core magnetic device. Also the same is true of auto industry, global output of about 55 million units. The amount of each vehicle ferrite magnet motor is only 41, about 22 a year. 5. 5 billion only. The amount of car speaker is calculated to million. Count down a year need how many ferrite permanent magnet material around the world. Now electronic electrical products is the basis of the magnet industry backbone. With China's rapid rise from all walks of life, make our country become the world's largest magnet manufacturers, a total of more than half of global magnet will be used to supply the Chinese market.
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