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Permanent magnetic ferrite can divide a few level

by:Maghard      2020-08-17
Most ferrite beads can do how many level? The diameter of the circular and can do the number of how many and you about, in a nutshell, Zhou Changyue is large, the number of can do, the more general domestic word limit at about 1 mm/a. General common is 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 pole, etc. , more can reach hundreds of pole. The more the more pole magnetic multipole magnetic ring? Of magnetization of permanent magnetic ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring in theory is the pole of the magnet suction is relatively stronger, but the same size of ferrite magnets will also because of the influence of magnetic magnetizing fixture. If you need the number of poles is not the same as you, do a the magnetization chuck need how many money? Ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring clamp costs associated with your magnet specification size also, concrete price welcome consulting us. How to detect is how much? The more the number of magnetic relatively higher? This use observation can see out of the magnetic poles, pole test piece is to test the magnet poles with the lines of magnetic force distribution to a tool, and magnetic boundary clear and multipolar fuzzy also illustrates the permanent magnetic ferrite magnet magnetization to whether uniform and dense to the lines of magnetic force distribution.
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