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Permanent magnetic ferrite process

by:Maghard      2020-08-17
1, configuration, the raw material after weighing the raw materials, mixing in the special equipment. Composition uniformity is based on the mixing process. There are many factors influencing the uniformity of mixture components. Ferrite materials including the main raw material, additives and flux Fe2O3, BaCO3, SrCO3 and CaCO3 is the main raw material of ferrite. Weighing process need to strictly follow the formula, otherwise unable to obtain the ideal magnetic energy. 2, ball mill in order to ensure the smooth progress of solid instead should process, need to mix before presintering granules in the process of granulation, solution into the mixture. 3, presintering described presintering powder can be used as sintering of bonded magnets, magnet and absorbing material) now most of the ferrite manufacturers direct purchase from sintering powder. Presintering's aim is to fully guarantee the raw material of solid phase reaction, presintering after most of the raw material will be transformed into presintering ferrite phase process will also improve the deformation, shrinkage and density. 4, the second ball mill sintering material will be crushed into fine powder. Crushing process will be completed by the ball mill equipment grinding media for ball and water. 5, pressed ferrite forming method is divided into two wet process and dry process. Molding process technology intensive. Ferrite magnets can be divided into two categories, isotropic and anisotropic. 6, sintering sintering step is very important for ferrite magnets are first of all, the sintering process affects the microstructure of ferrite, which can affect ferrite magnetic not reasonable sintering parameters can cause magnet crack, bubble and deformation.
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