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Points to keep in mind when transporting ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2021-02-28
As a special product, what should be paid attention to when transporting ferrite magnets? The following author will take you to understand. There are two main types of problems that ferrite magnets pay attention to when transporting traditional Chinese medicine. One is how to protect yourself, and the other is how to prevent damage to the surrounding environment and personnel caused by the magnetic field of the magnet. First of all, it is required to ensure that the storage environment during transportation is dry. Because of the relatively high humidity environment, it is easy to rust. For those with electroplated layer, vacuum transportation should be used to avoid corrosion to the electroplated layer. In addition, the temperature must not be too high during transportation, because too high a temperature will cause demagnetization problems, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of the room temperature during transportation. The second is that there should be no collisions during transportation, because fierce collisions will damage it, so it needs to be isolated by wooden boards. The above is an explanation of the transportation of ferrite magnets. Do you understand?
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