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polymer bonded magnets examined. (meetings).

by:Maghard      2020-03-18
Intertech Global Polymer bonded magnets Outlook 2002 meeting will be held on April 10-
12 Hyatt Regency Chicago/Rosemont.
The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate the business and technical prospects of polymer bonded magnets for the next ten years.
The meeting will cover market drivers and growth forecasts;
Develop materials with lower cost and higher energy consumption;
Impact of Industry integration on terminalsusers;
A new software for designing and modeling magnets
Patent and licensing issues.
Will cover new developments in Extrusion, extension and injection and compression molding process grades, including multiple
Component forming.
Personal speech will involve high
Energy ferrite embedded powder;
Development of HDDR, clearance and leanneo powder;
New opportunities in automotive, computer, safety, biomedical, sealing and signage applications.
This meeting is aimed at raw material suppliers, polymer compound manufacturers, magnet manufacturers, end users, circuit designers and application experts.
This is Intertech\'s Sixth International Conference on polymer bonded magnets.
According to the sponsor, polymer bonded magnets are said to give designers a lot of freedom to create complex magnet shapes with almost any pole position configuration.
Thin Wall, tight tolerance and molding
Functions such as gears, threads and cams are all possible.
According to Intertech, the prospect of bonding ferrites and bonding rare earths has never been as bright as it is today, and global sales are expected to exceed $2 billion by 2005.
Annual growth rate 15-
According to Intertech, 25% of the $0. 4 billion bonded NdFeB market is driven by a variety of new applications in the automotive, computer/commercial machines, motors and sensor/actuator business.
According to Intertech, the development of new processing of injection molding bonded NdFeB magnets, the addition of powder mixtures, and the expansion capacity of heterogeneous powders can accelerate these growth rates.
It is said that with the emergence of new high-tech, the sales of bonded ferrite will continue to expand
The energy class opens up new applications for low-cost motors and new signage, seals, toys, photocopying and sensor/actuator applications.
Meetings are planned on the following topics: market assessment and growth forecasts;
Progress of magnetic materials and processes
Development and evaluation of major markets and applications;
And new developments in composite, molding and charge. A pre-
The conference workshop will look at \"new engineering solutions for polymer bonded magnets \".
\"This workshop will provide a basic understanding of magnetic materials, the process of magnetism, manufacturing routes, measurement techniques and applications, thus providing engineering solutions for polymer bonded magnets.
The lecturer will be a research officer and lecturer at the University of Durham, Sheffield, UK, Abdul Hawk. A second pre-
The conference workshop will discuss \"application of finite element analysis in permanent magnet devices \".
\"This workshop will focus on how to predict the performance of permanent magnets in equipment and systems using finite element analysis.
The tutor will include the Doctor
David Carpenter, vice president of vector field, and David Miller, senior application scientist, magnetic quenching technology center.
More information about this meeting can be done from Dr. H. D. Olmstead (207)781-9800.
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