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Powerful magnet magnetic force, the better?

by:Maghard      2020-08-28
Powerful magnet magnetic force, the better? We have a lot of customers in the custom powerful magnets, whenever we magnet manufacturer to ask what they need or magnetic performance requirements of the magnet, the customers are generally said to magnetic force, the higher the better. Actually, otherwise, the magnet manufacturer in our experience, it is not. Customer said that the more the better magnetic, because the customer and brand on the performance of the powerful magnet material price is not enough to understand. Powerful magnet performance itself is very strong, although the higher grades, the stronger the magnetic, the right, but the cost will be relatively increased, the cost is a lot of unnecessary waste. Why do you say that? Our powerful magnet current highest grades the performance of the material is N52, the magnetic force of the magnet is very strong, stronger than ordinary performance too much, but the magnet is not what we ordinary people use, used only when there is a specified requirement. Of course the price is ordinary performance or the cost of material, when we explain with the client, the material price customers will feel that your performance. We will, however, according to our experience magnet manufacturers to customers for customers to use the right performance of material. So, the more powerful magnet magnetic force is not the better, to choose, the most valuable accord with its own products to use the magnet.
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