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Powerful magnet magnetic is big, high altitude drop the harm is big

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
Powerful magnet magnetic power is big, but dropped down from the sky, the damage is very big also, recently, who lives in jiangnan huaxin pattern time of wang met the surprising thing, wang village of 15 on go out and find a group of people gathered in there, in the past to see just know, the crowd stood a angry man, wang ask just know, originally is the man's car parked here, the results don't know when to be a gift from heaven a ms zhang lives in jiangbei huaxin urban garden, the day before yesterday morning, the village 18 building on her to go out and find gathered a lot of people here, a man standing in the middle of the crowd particularly angry, asking to just know, his car park here, I don't know when will be in a strong magnet at the sky falls down, the car directly to break out of a hole. Wang thought, also do not know from which layer to throw down, magnet factory think all feel very terrorist, you know, every day someone downstairs, if not careful hit people. The consequence is unimaginable. Later, a reporter came to village 15, when the owner of the car has not left, you can see on the back door shake handshandle of a byd car has a very obvious, while a thumb size powerful magnets firmly on the door. And the other a nissan car also suffered the same treatment, and its also adsorption on the trunk of a powerful magnet piece of the same size. Owners, said he suspected that the two pieces of powerful magnets are likely to come from the building's top down, after the village guards went upstairs to find, but the range is too big, no results.
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