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Powerful magnet manufacturer to tell you how to prevent the magnet blister

by:Maghard      2020-10-04
Powerful magnet manufacturer to tell you how to prevent the magnet blister: (1) such as after the mold ware, inside and outside of the difference of the moisture content, ware is larger, the magnet is simple blister. This is because the initial appearance ware moisture evaporates faster than the speed of internal water dispersion, with the passage of time, the moisture content decreased, its appearance in the blank, the moisture content increases, if the base of the closing of the remaining water, ware will blister at high temperature. If the internal and external ware moisture content of the poor, gradually cut, blister and gradually reduce. (2) in the second fine grinding, grain size, the greater the internal and external scattered capillary water, the more simple, the smaller the foaming rate of magnets. High-temperature sintering, magnet (3) no bubbles under below a sintering temperature, the temperature foaming critical temperature, above this temperature, the foaming rate will gradually progress along with the progress of sintering temperature. Follow the progress of presintering temperature, critical temperature foaming and progress. (4) another reason is bubbling, pre under-burnt clinker in the crushing process of crushing, grinding and mixing iron generated after Fe2O3, will be during sintering, press 6 fe203 = 4 fe304 + O22Fe2O3 = 4 FeO + O2 reactive differentiation, this kind of Fe2O3 strongly back into FeO, differentiation by O2 as unable to discharge, also can make bubbling ware. Ndfeb strong magnet (5) good sintering furnace, ventilate the magnets are also prone to bubbles. The main solution to extend time baking ware, appropriate progress uniform granularity under-burnt clinker temperature, ball mill, fell by twice sintering temperature, and so on.
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