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Powerful magnet manufacturer to tell you which type can be divided into ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
Powerful magnet manufacturer to tell you that ferrite magnets which can be divided into types according to the condition of magnetic properties and using different, ferrite can be divided into: spin magnetic, magnetic moment, soft magnetic, permanent magnet, magnetic pressure and hard magnetic type. A spin, spin magnetic materials magnetic materials magnetic refers to the steady magnetic field and electromagnetic wave are two straight to each other under the effect of magnetic field, the plane of polarization of electromagnetic waves in internal although according to the direction of the must convey information, but the polarization plane will continue to convey the direction of the phenomenon. Metal, alloy materials while also have must spin magnetic, but because of the low resistivity, eddy current loss is too big, the electromagnetic wave can't deepen its internal, so I can't use. Hence, the spin magnetic ferrite gyromagnetic data, becomes ferrite characteristic of the category. Transport gyromagnetic materials mostly with microwave waveguide or transmission line, etc all kinds of microwave equipment. First used in radar, communication, navigation, remote sensing and other electronic devices. Second, the moment of magnetic material which is a square loop of ferrite materials. Its characteristic is, when a relatively small effect of external magnetic field, can make the magnetization, and achieve full, get rid of the external magnetic field, magnetic still persist with full. Such as magnesium, manganese ferrite, lithium manganese ferrite is such. The memory of the ferrite material first used for various electronic computer magnetic core, etc. Three, soft magnetic materials such information under weak magnetic field, the easy magnetization are also prone to demagnetization, such as chromium, zinc and nickel zinc ferrite, and so on. Soft magnetic ferrite is now widely use, variety, quantity is big, high output of a ferrite materials. Four, permanent magnetic ferrite with a uniaxial anisotropic hexagon structure of the compound. First is ferrite and barium and strontium, lead three composite solid solution. There are magnetic homosexual and heterosexual magnetic. Because this kind of ferrite materials after no external magnetic field, can still be perpetually kept steady remanence properties of strong, steady magnetic field can be used in outer space. Its use is very broad, such as: in all kinds of meters, generators, telephone, speaker, used as a permanent magnet in the TV and microwave equipment. Five, the piezomagnetic materials when such information is refers to the magnetization in the magnetic field direction for mechanical elongation or shortening of ferrite materials, such as nickel zinc ferrite, nickel copper and nickel chromium ferrite, and so on. Piezomagnetic material first as the transducer of electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy into each other, magneto elastic elements used in ultrasound. Sixth, hard magnetic materials hard ferrite magnetic material is not easy to demagnetization after magnetization, therefore, also known as the permanent magnet material or permanent magnetic materials. Such as barium ferrite, ferrite steel, etc. It first used in the telecommunication equipment in voice recorder, pickup, speakers, all kinds of instrument of the magnetic core. Dongguan co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of magnet, ndfeb magnet products, rubber magnetic, ferrite magnet products. This factory independent production, sales, products of good quality, price concessions. For details, please visit:
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