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Powerful magnet performance temperature is how many?

by:Maghard      2020-09-19
- a strong magnet - NdFeB magnet is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB, NdFeB magnet is strongest performance in contemporary magnet permanent magnets. Ndfeb strong magnet is made of neodymium, iron, boron, three elements of intermetallic compound, is a kind of excellent magnetic materials. After magnetization, it shows the magnetic not only strong, and can keep for a long time, enduring, almost can remain permanently, it is a good permanent magnetic material. N33 ~ N52 performance, heat resistance (80 ~ 220 N35M、N48H N42SH、N38UH N35EH。 。 。 。 。 。 ) Degrees Celsius, the temperature & lt; = 80:N30 N33 N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48,将军,N52; 100 < Temperature: N30M N33M, N35M N38M, N40M, N42M, N45M, N48M, N50M; 120 < Temperature: N30H N33MH, N35H, N38H N40H, N42H, N45H, N48H; 150 < Temperature: N30SH N33SH, N35SH N38SH, N40SH, N42SH; 180 < Temperature: N30UH, N33UH N35UH, N38UH & hellip; 200 < Temperature: N30EH N33EH, N35EH N38EH.
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