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Powerful magnet price is how to calculate? Magnet manufacturer to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-27
Powerful magnet price is how to calculate? Magnet manufacturers tell you strong magnets are widely used in life and industry because of its magnetic force is very strong, cost-effective. Because of its high cost performance, so demand usage, then we will be attention to the price of it. It's the powerful magnet price how to calculate? We are curious, a lot of people say that how much money probably how many money. In fact, not because it's demand is big, prices vary a little will cause the difference in cost. In our eyes, magnet manufacturer for magnet production process there is a complexity, the complexity of the process will be related to the cost of production has a certain. In a small square magnet, for example, small square magnet while it is not big, the price will not very high, a 2 mm size difference in a small number of cases, the price may cost price. But if large amount, he a single a 2 mm gap that caused the gap between the overall cost of tens of thousands of. Magnet when calculate the price so we cannot too casually, because small gap will cause the overall costs vary widely. We magnet manufacturer in calculate the price, must clearly know the specific size of the magnet, dimensions, respectively, and plating parameters such as what is, or calculate the price still have error, not to a about parameter. So by magnet manufacturers of the above, you probably know the price of a powerful magnet now how to calculate?
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