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Powerful magnet proofing why so long? Magnets to explain

by:Maghard      2020-08-26
Powerful magnet proofing why so long? Magnet to strong magnet pulls in general, proofing is very few, the number of but why production cycle is so long? A lot of people don't understand, so rare and so long. In fact, the number is not less its production cycle is short. By rare earth ndfeb magnets, we know that he is sintering and its sintering product is the production of ndfeb strong magnet materials. Magnet manufacturer in the customer required magnet, the first is to see if there were no corresponding inventory goods, if any, can be on the same day to send express, customers will soon receive. But if there is no inventory of the goods, the magnet manufacturers set the customer product production performance of material needed to come back, method of cutting material back then magnet production workshop. If the customer have plating requirements, also need to the customer to carry on the corresponding electric plating electroplating, the plating needs to be done salt spray test, need 4 days before and after, so to make a sample need a week, this is normal process time. Powerful magnet samples for many customers say, I only do one hundred samples, need a week, so I one million products that is not for a long time? , actually otherwise, because the magnet of the production process is to be so much, when you produce a with thousands of powerful magnet production time is the same, just open a few more multi-line cutting machine to cut it. A number and hundreds of thousands or even one million product of the production time is sent up and down, this is basically a week, most will be a little more than a few days later, but won't gap is too big. Through the interpretation of the above, you probably knew why magnet proofing for so long now? Actually this is for the manufacturing process of magnet, not our magnet manufacturers don't want to quickly oh.
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