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Powerful magnet purposes

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Micro, brushless motor, permanent magnet instrument, electrical, magnetic therapy equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), toys, packaging, printing, stationery, gifts, audio equipment, magnetic levitation system and transmission mechanism of dongguan magnet magnetic products co. , LTD. Is specialized is engaged in ndfeb rare-earth permanent magnets, powerful magnets, magnetic materials, strong magnetic, strong magnet, strong magnetic bar, in addition to iron bars, magnetic steel, magnetic filter and household water treatment magnetizing apparatus production of high-tech enterprises. Leading products for powerful magnets, magnet, magnetic materials, magnetic filter, strong magnetic water processor, magnets, magnet, strong magnetic, tube shape strong magnetic water processor, strong magnetic water processor family form, tube type strong magnetic water processor, magnetizing water purifier, ring magnets, cylindrical magnet, circular magnets, ferrite magnetic ordinary black magnets, alnico magnets, rubber magnetic, magnetic rod, magnetic frame, magnetic blocks, big square magnet, small square magnets, small size magnets, magnet, large size small wafer magnets, magnet, wafer ring magnets, small ring magnet, magnetic rod, magnetic frame, magnetic, magnetic stripe, magnetic stripe, magnetic ring, magnetic core, magnetic button, magnetic clasp, magnets, magnetic particle, magnetic nail, magnetic, magnetic steel, magnetic gifts, magnetic refrigerator, magnetic CARDS, magnetic bookmark, magnetic puzzle, magnetic frame, magnetic film, magnetic darts, magnetic darts palladium, magnetic jewelry, magnetic products. Injection high-temperature powerful magnets, magnet, high temperature resistant high temperature resistant tile shape magnet, high temperature resistant circular and powerful magnet, high performance high temperature resistant strong magnet, high performance high resistance to high temperature sintered ndfeb magnet, ndfeb strong magnet, radial magnets, radial powerful magnets, magnetic materials, magnetic components, iron, iron shell, etc. 。 Products are mainly used in electronic, optical, electrical, electronics, electrical, electronics, hardware, machinery, tools, leather goods, luggage, handbags, health care, medical, equipment, water conservancy, aerospace, aviation, cars, trains, toys, gifts, handicrafts, packaging color printing and other fields.
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