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Powerful magnet store location have any requirements

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Don't know you clear not clear this powerful magnet location? Actually many people is because of deposit are not good at this powerful magnets, and to cause the loss of a lot of powerful magnets, so we must learn how to store the products, the first is the product must not go near the electronic equipment, if close will directly affect the electronic equipment and the control of some circuits to influence and to use, the second is not stored in a moist environment, in order to avoid will let him to the oxidation, will lead to the appearance, magnetic, and physical properties to a change, the third is to don't let those who have sensitive reaction on metal objects if to close to the magnet, can cause the skin rough, reddish, if happens, please don't be a touch of powerful magnets, the fourth don't put the magnet close to the hard disk drives, floppy disks, tapes, television phenomenon of pipe and so on, if the magnet to close to our frontal magnetic recorder will affect or even damage the recorded data. Dongguan powerful magnets so everyone against such a choice to rules and regulations of aestheticism, for the choice of a certain industry of magnet products are how beautiful it is.
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