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Powerful magnet structure is? Mainly used in where?

by:Maghard      2020-09-18
Powerful magnet structure is? Mainly used in where? Divided into sintered ndfeb magnet and bonding, is currently the largest magnet magnetic, it has the high grade, high added value, market demand is bigger. Products of high quality, high value added, using more sophisticated features, such as strong magnetic ndfeb is manufacturing high performance, small volume, light weight function of the magnetic device ideal every direction of bonded ndfeb magnetic material, corrosion resistance; And sintered ndfeb axial magnetization, the magnetization and radial general points according to the need of working face. Ndfeb coercive force is very strong, because of easy corrosion, easy oxidation, surface protection no demagnetization easily. Magnetic surface need plating, generally speaking, there are galvanized zinc, nickel, environmental protection, environmental protection nickel, nickel and copper nickel, environmental protection, such as nickel, copper and nickel. Strong magnet is to eliminate the noise of the circuit, mainly in microwave communication technology, video technology, electrical engineering, instrument technology, computer technology, computer, communications, medical, military, automation technology, the automotive industry, oil industry, magnetic separation technology, biological engineering and field of magnetic therapy and fitness equipment and so on strong magnet has been widely used.
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