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Powerful magnets can absorb oil?

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
In now the dust is often focused on environmental protection and energy saving time, oil spill is already a very need to attach importance to the problem, every oil spill had great damage to the Marine, every oil spill to massive death of Marine biology, every oil spill where countries are treading on thin ice! Recently, small make up in dongguan magnet manufacturer wevr see a leak in the crude oil in the water extract were extracted with powerful magnets technical news. So specially to share with everyone here! The extraction of crude oil in water, reduce the pollution of oil spill is the technology of the MIT researchers have developed recently! In fact in our whole earth, have a good oil spill treatment! Even now this out powerful magnets soon absorbed water oil technology, also is not so good! The researchers said, the technique is not mature, also want to use real deal with oil spill pollution on the sea, there is a long way to go. But this technology has the very big development prospects, the technology is lower than the cost of extracting crude oil from the water very much. So, let's understand how to implement this technology is using powerful magnets to refining of crude oil in water is how! With powerful magnets to refine the the technology of crude oil in water with the gun is to use the magnetic nanoparticles into oil, without magnet of the crude oil into a magnetic liquid called ferrofluid to operate!
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