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Powerful magnets hard ferrite magnetic material is not easy to demagnetization after magnetization

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
Powerful magnets hard ferrite magnetic material is not easy to powerful magnet demagnetization after magnetization hard ferrite magnetic material is not easy to demagnetization after magnetization, therefore, also known as the permanent magnetic material or permanent magnetic materials. Such as barium ferrite, ferrite steel, etc. It is mainly used for telecom devices in the recorder, pickup, speakers, all kinds of instrument of the magnetic core. Also known as wet process, also sometimes referred to as chemical coprecipitation method. Powerful special preparation of high performance magnet ferrite process method, and can be divided into neutralization and oxidation. The process is: first the metallic elements, for preparation of ferrite when mixed with a certain concentration of ions in solution, and then according to the formula, the proper solution mixed by neutralizing or chemical reactions such as oxidation, producing ferrite powder, then process the same as mentioned earlier. Ndfeb permanent magnet material used: sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials have excellent magnetic, widely used in electronics, electricity, machinery, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields, is one of the more common permanent magnet motor, speaker, magnetic separator, computer disk drives, magnetic resonance imaging equipment instrument, etc. Samarium cobalt ( SmCo) According to the composition of different divided into SmCo5 and Sm2Co17, respectively was just generation and second generation rare earth permanent magnet materials. Due to its raw material is very scarce, expensive and make its development was restricted. Samarium cobalt ( SmCo) As the second generation of rare earth permanent magnet, not only have higher magnetic energy product ( 14 - 28 mgoe) Coercive force and reliable, and in rare earth permanent magnet series shows good temperature characteristic. Compared with the ndfeb, samarium cobalt is more suitable for working in high temperature environment ( >200℃) 。 The characteristics of rare earth laser materials and use laser is a new type of light source, it has the very good monochromaticity, directivity, and coherence, and can achieve very high brightness. Developed a variety of crystal accordingly with laser technology, such as nonlinear crystals, to frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, adjust the laser beam and phase modulation effect; Laser image distortion correction in the process of transmission; Pyroelectric detect crystals are sensitive to detect infrared light, etc. These features make the laser will soon be applied to engineering, agriculture, medicine and the department of defense. Laser and laser rare earth materials is born at the same time. So far, about 90% of the laser materials are involved in rare earth. Since 1960 in ruby laser, the same year was found with samarium doped calcium fluoride ( CaF2: Sm2 +) Can output pulse laser. In 1961, the first to use neodymium doped silicate glass pulse laser, ever opened up the wide use of the research of rare earth glass laser. In 1962, the first to use CaWO4: Nd3 + crystal continuous laser output, first developed in 1963 of rare earth chelate liquid laser materials, using mixed europium benzoyl acetone alcohol solution of pulsed laser, find out the room temperature can be output in 1964 consecutive laser neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystals ( Y3Al5O12: Nd3 +) , it has become the widely application of solid laser material, the realization of europium - for the first time in 1973 The rare earth metal vapor laser oscillation of helium. Thus, in just ten years, rare earth solid, liquid and gas are realized the stimulated radiation. Work in laser material, powerful magnet has become a rare earth are important elements. All of this and it has a special electronic configuration, the available energy levels and spectral characteristics. Rare earth laser materials can be divided into: solid, liquid and gas three categories. But after two categories because of its type, the properties and USES of is much less than the solid material. So generally said rare-earth laser material, often referred to as solid laser material. Solid materials can be divided into crystal, glass and fiber laser materials, and laser crystal is dominant. Rare earth materials is the heart of the laser system, is the basis of laser technology, developed by a laser and photoelectron technology, not only widely used in military, and in many fields of national economy, such as optical communication, medical, materials processing, Cutting, welding, punching, heat treatment, etc. ) , information storage, scientific research, detection, and anti-counterfeiting, aspects of being widely applied to form a new industry. Militarily, rare earth materials are widely used in laser ranging, guidance, tracking, radar, laser weapons and electronic countermeasures, telemetry, precision positioning and optical communication, etc. To improve and change the way of the operation ability of the services and arms and, plays a significant role in offensive and defensive tactics. High power laser material can be equipped with a blinding laser weapons, and photoelectric counter and other weapons. Light emitting diode ( 领导) Pump laser crystal made of laser output beam quality is good, nonlinear frequency shift with high efficiency, and can turn milliwatts of laser frequency shift to blue, green and red light district, with optical storage, display, remote sensing, radar and the scientific research, etc. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. 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