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Powerful magnets in card slot should be how to choose performance brand?

by:Maghard      2020-08-20
Powerful magnets in card slot should be how to choose performance brand? A strong magnet is very widely used in daily life, is known to us. Big to machinery and equipment, small to toys, there will be applied to the magnet. * above samples for part of the powerful magnets in the toy industry, is one of the most products we see, each part of the toy are very small and precision. Some with motor small toys have card slot, and the slot need to use a powerful magnet for limit. The card slot position looks very ordinary, but its function is not small. Magnet magnetic force big, can put the card slot on the gear gets stuck, could not move, weak magnetism, gear will fall down. If not tested, this situation is difficult to estimate to what use magnets to do it, we can only according to past experience, magnet manufacturer first evaluate it this probably need to how much force however further continue to calculate its magnetic force. Through calculated after magnetic gauss, probably we will choose the corresponding brand performance materials to produce the magnet. Card slot on the powerful magnet performance brand how should choose? Through the magnet manufacturer for you, you probably have a preliminary understanding, isn't it? If still have what not understand, can CALL us, we will tell you.
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