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Powerful magnets in use process need to notice what?

by:Maghard      2020-08-21
Powerful magnets in use process need to notice what? Powerful magnets, literally can let us to know the characteristics of the magnet. Is strong, the strong not look down upon. Because of the strong, we need to pay attention to when I was in use. Ndfeb strong magnet is numerous magnet performance materials, magnetic properties the most powerful magnet material. * strong magnet sample powerful magnets in our life and many applications, application is very broad. So we be extra careful when using, extra attention. Because of its magnetic force is stronger, in terms of a single small magnets, it can absorb on its own dozens of times and one hundred times the weight of iron products. Such a powerful suction, slightly improper use can cause task. And because its suction is bigger, to the iron metal in stowed, cannot throw over a long distance, must be stowed slowly close. Because the magnet it not iron, it is composed of ndfeb rare earth sintering, itself is very fragile, so stowed to slowly close to install. * strong magnet production workshop through the above learning of powerful magnets, you know now that a powerful magnet in use process need to pay attention to matters. If you have not understand, just CALL us, our website
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