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Profiled magnets of various specifications of the manufacturer

by:Maghard      2020-08-15
The cylindrical magnet: 4. 3 * 9 is the most representative of cylindrical magnet, widely used in electro-acoustic, is essential in the use of children's toys. Although use N35 material, but limited magnetic table above 4200 gs. Ring magnets: ring magnet is a special kind of cylindrical magnet. Points generally round ring magnets, or sink holes class ring magnet. Such as Φ 10 * 3 * 0. 75 sink hole and so on the many kinds of installation, magnetic tile can also be used to splice into a large circular magnet. Horseshoe magnet: its shape like a horseshoe, so called horseshoe magnet, also called u-shaped magnet. Because of its special N, S very much used in educational, scientific and cultural bodies. Magnet is a variety of the opposite sex, according to the requirements of all walks of life to make magnets co. , LTD. Is a company to focus on permanent magnetic ferrite production, special shape of magnet manufacturers, companies in the development of high precision, high performance, special shaped products, has a better comparative advantage, and passed the ISO9001 quality certification system. Welcome procurement!
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