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Profiled magnets used in what products?

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Alien magnet is called abnormity is the product shape is not very regular. Products shape: tile shape magnet, spherical magnets, square magnet, cylindrical magnet, large ring magnet. More brittle magnet products processing program is more complex. Is mainly used with a variety of machines, electrical, wind turbines and other industrial USES. Its relative to the standard of the magnet, the most widely used special magnet material are: ndfeb, ferrite. Especially the abnormity of mechanical and electronic magnetic tile, it is one of the more common abnormity magnet. Special magnet advantages: products cost-effective, good mechanical properties. Profiled magnets with high magnetic energy product and coercive force, can suck up a weight of equivalent to nearly 640 the weight of the product itself. In the modern industry and obtained widespread application in electronic technology. The only deficiency, product low Curie temperature point, low temperature characteristic. Easy pulverization radiation. Products need to pass to add to adjust its chemical composition and surface coating treatment methods to improve the products, such as to meet the needs of practical application.
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