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Rare earth permanent magnet can play a major role in the field of new energy

by:Maghard      2020-09-18
Recently, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, cas DianGongSuo g. gu said in an interview with 'Chinese proceedings' reporter, rare earth permanent magnet can play an important role in the new energy development, but the current high prices have affected the development of rare earth permanent magnet industry. Motor is an important industrial energy consumption equipment, widely used in areas such as fan, compressor, pump, mechanical transmission, its power consumption is more than about 60% of China's entire industrial power consumption quantity. Because of this, 'motor and system energy saving has been listed as' 11th five-year' national ten major energy conservation projects, the ministry and other departments are also vigorously promote efficient use of motor system. According to g. gu, for motor energy conservation at home and abroad has more than one direction, including double speed induction motor, induction motor, high efficiency high torque has a brush or brushless doubly-fed motor, switched reluctance motor system, etc. ; ( The radial magnetic flux and axial magnetic flux) As well as the hybrid excitation; Motor frequency control of motor speed control and so on. 'since 1998, the domestic made important progress in terms of permanent magnet applications. 'g. gu further, for instance, rare-earth permanent magnet core diesel generator high efficiency and energy saving, light weight, big power, each weight 54 kilograms, maximum power up to 3. 0 kw. 'after the forth in the earthquake disaster relief, a shenzhen special motor company produces the coreless stressed the contribution. 'with the development of new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, rare earth permanent magnet starting on these new energy generator is widely used. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences electrician for example, they began in 2005 was studied by means of large capacity of evaporative cooling wind turbines. Combining with the rare earth permanent magnet technology and evaporative cooling technology, they developed 3. Six-and-a-half mw evaporative cooling permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines have been built at the end of 2011, and was started in May 2012 in Zhang Bei the test base of state grid company testing, the results meet the relevant standards. G. gu think, rare earth permanent magnet motor has the advantage of high efficiency, low voltage across the ability is good, can play a major role in the field of new energy, however, due to the increasing price of permanent magnetic material has greatly, lead to the loss of a huge market, fully exert its role has not. 'originally the permanent magnet generator investment application can improve the operation of the wind farm, promote the development of new energy, but its role has yet to play, this is due to the current single models affect the voltage stability of wind farms, lead to the situation of wind power development in decline. 'g. gu said. G. gu, said permanent magnet wind turbine industry is faced with great difficulties at present, the wind turbine is a bigger end products industry permanent magnetic material usage. Therefore, the development of the permanent magnet wind turbine stagnation will eventually affect the development of rare earth permanent magnet industry. In view of existing situation, g. gu hope, rare earth upstream manufacturers should be orderly and reasonably adjust the price, to ensure the orderly development of the industry.
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