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Rare earth permanent magnetic limited Angle of torque motor

by:Maghard      2020-09-29
Rare earth permanent magnets corner torque motor, the motor can be limited in a certain Angle within the scope of direct drive load to do the quick and accurate positioning. Its characteristic is: in limited within the corner of high output, quick response, high precision, high reliability, small volume, light weight. With the motor as the core can form a special kind of high precision, high reliability position servo system. The system consists of rare earth permanent magnets limited Angle of torque motor, position sensor and controller of three parts. Motor including single redundant permanent magnet rotor and double redundancy, winding of the stator, the controller including corresponding to the motor winding double redundancy control circuit. System can be in double redundancy, or single channel conditions to work properly, so as to greatly improve the working reliability of the system. When the operating range for & plusmn; θ ° Angle, the motor can be realized through the special design in the minimum volume output under the maximum torque, and wide frequency response characteristics can be obtained. It is because of the unique advantages, abroad in the late 80 s to conduct the research in this field, and has been successfully applied in the field of aerospace. The system in flight control system and electrical brake system, can be used as a new type of direct drive actuator drive system, direct drive actuator servo valve open, rather than through the gear drive; To overcome the error of the reduction gear train transmission system, reduce the shortcoming of hydraulic drive system, high precision, large torque, wide rang. Magnet manufacturers expand knowledge: magnetoelectric generator and vibrator magnetoelectric sensor has two-way transfer characteristics, its reverse function can also use. If to speed sensor coil input power, so its output is the mechanical quantity. In inertial instrument - - Gyroscope and accelerometer is widely used in the moving coil or moving iron type dc torque is the reverse application of speed sensor. It is very important in the mechanical structure of the dynamic experiments of equipment, in order to obtain the dynamic parameters of mechanical structure, such as resonant frequency, stiffness, damping, vibration modes, etc. Other than its applications described above, the magnetoelectric sensor is often used in torque and rotational speed measurement, etc. Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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