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Rectangular magnet use process need to notice

by:Maghard      2020-08-28
Rectangular magnet need attention when using a 20 * 10 * 5 size of rectangular magnet, looks like a small ordinary magnet, when we come into contact with the magnet, only to find that it is not normal. Why do you say that? Below we to simple about magnet manufacturer. This size is not difficult for us to imagine, it is a small square magnet, its not heavy, can suck up its own dozens of times on even one hundred times. Just because of this not ordinary rectangular magnets, magnetic force is so big, we need to pay attention to in the process of we use the following several aspects. A, do not hand directly between the magnets and with lron products, avoid huge magnetic handle task. 2, can't let the magnet and magnet long-distance suck, because the magnet suck each will have a big impact, the impact will cause magnet broken, so as to make the broken magnet splash, easily hurt. Three, because magnetic force is so big, we can't directly when pull open the magnet pull open, mutual absorption of magnetic force is too large, we must move the magnet pull open again after through translation. Magnet volume is small, but it does have a do not look down upon the suction, through the use of the powerful magnets, magnet manufacturer you now know the use of magnet matters needing attention.
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