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secret magnetic lock drawer

by:Maghard      2020-03-07
Hi everybody!
Today I will show you how to make a secret drawer under your desktop using a hidden magnetic lock.
The drawer is barely visible from the top, as the magnetic lock it hides seems to be part of the table itself.
This Instructure shows you how to make a drawer with a locking mechanism.
If you already have a drawer, you can jump to Step 7 to lock.
I suggest you read through the structure before starting to see what is expected and better understand the project.
You can apply many possible changes and sizes to carry different items or loads.
You can also use a variety of locks and I will explain some of them here.
I hope the instruction is simple and easy to understand.
Enjoy and have fun.
These are the materials needed for the project.
In this project I used old and damaged cuts from previous projects so please put up with these defects :)
Keep in mind that some sizes and quantities may vary depending on your choice of materials: wooden drawers :-WOOD(
Change according to size and size): -
X1 700mm X 350mm X 12mm (Base)-
X2 700mm X 100mm X 12mm (Front and Back)-
X2 350mm X 70mm X 20mm (sides)-SCREWS: -
X15 6X41 wood screws-
X8 10X19G screws-
A pair of full ext BB runners 350mm slide rails-Wood glue-Wood putty-Wood vinyl (
Used to match the drawer to the rest of the table)MAGNETIC LOCK:-
X2 earth magnetMetal rod (5mm X 50mm)-PVC pipe (20mm X 20mm)-Spring (optional)-Q-Bond Adhesive(
Or any other strong adhesive)
Here is the equipment needed for this project :-
Saw Blade/round blade-Drill-
Sandpaper/electric shaved bed-Screwdriver-
You should have a solid plan and understanding of the project before starting a task.
For this particular item, you need to be fully aware of the size, size, and limits that may affect the outcome.
Make a plan to provide you with all the specs.
Here are some of the issues that may need to be considered for this project :-
For my table, I have to make sure I don\'t drill into the drawer on the other side, which may prevent them from opening. -
Please note that one can still sit comfortably without having the drawer interfere with the leg space. -
Decide what you want to carry in the drawer and calculate the weight of it to determine what material and size to use. -
Find a way to match the secret drawer with the rest of the table.
You can paint it, plastering it, or you can use matching wood.
I painted mine. -
Where do you want the lock system to be so that it doesn\'t interfere with the function of the drawer?
Stay away from magnetic materials that may affect their movement or equipment that may be damaged. -
Where do you want a railing or sliding mechanism?
Usually they are on the side but I decided to stick them on the top.
This is because I don\'t store heavy objects.
This also allows me to place the locking mechanism facing the side Wood.
The top wood on the surface of my table is also much thicker and stronger than the side.
The size of the railing should also be considered when planning.
Once you have sorted out the plan and collected the materials, it is time to measure your desk and make relevant marks as a guide.
My drawer is for laptops and other small items.
So the measurements I made will revolve around my special use of the drawer.
Measure the area under the scale and record the size.
The desktop space I will use is 700mm X 375mm.
So I\'m going to use the full ext BB runner 350mm slide guide so the drawer has enough space to hide.
Mark the wood now.
You need 2 side plates; 1 base board;
1 back plate and 1 front plate.
Make sure you take into account the thickness of the wood and rails as this affects the size.
Now we have marked the wood and cut the relevant dimensions.
Remember to leave space for the rail slip as in figure 3.
Once the wood is cut, you can polish all the edges and surfaces.
Once you have cut the wood size required for the drawer, it is time to assemble all the parts together.
Add wood glue on the side that will connect the wood block.
Place 2 side plates at the top of the base and connect them from the bottom using 6x41 wood screws.
When using screws, it is easier to hit a small hole with a drill bit first.
This helps guide the screws through the wood.
Add the wood glue again and connect the front and back.
Once they are attached, you can wipe the excess wood glue with a cloth and let it dry.
Now is the time to add the slider.
Place the railings on top to keep them consistent with the wood on the side.
Also note which holes you can use on the slider.
You may have to locate the slide in order to reach the hole (
Images 2, 4 and 6).
Connect the slides with 6x41 wooden screws.
You can use a wide variety of locking systems.
I decided to use the magnetic system as it does not require an obvious opening or key hole.
For my system, you will have a horizontal tube that will hold the magnet.
There is a bar on the magnet that extends out the drawer and effectively enters the side of the table.
In addition, you can also lock the position so that the bar can enter the side drawer and can effectively set the lock for the two compartments on the table.
I also added a spring to let it lock automatically.
First, cut the tube so that the magnet has enough space to slide back and forth, while preventing the rod from leaving the side Wood.
Place a lid to prevent the magnet from leaving the back end of the tube.
I used a bottle cap in the medicine box.
Then mark the position of the metal rod through the side Wood, drill a hole large enough to let it slide over, but small enough to prevent it from shaking.
Now add springs and rods to the magnet (
I keep them together with their magnetic properties, no adhesive).
Test whether the rod passes or not and use a strong adhesive to glue the tube together so that the opening side is flat with the side Wood.
Other locking systems can include raising the bar to the desktop instead of the side.
It will push the magnet open down with the other side of the other magnet.
You can also buy a variety of hidden magnetic locks online and in hardware stores.
The above is the magnetic lock system used in the instructable, and the alternative settings as described above.
This step is to disguise the drawer as a table.
If you draw your wood from the beginning or use matching wood, you can skip the section.
Use wood putty to cover all areas with defects or holes, such as around the screws or where the blocks are connected.
Now cut wood vinyl or paper in order to cover all the necessary areas.
Add the wood glue, apply it to all visible areas, and slowly place the paper so that it is evenly attached.
You can slowly squeeze out any bubbles that appear with a cloth, credit card or ruler.
You can also add a secret charging hole to the back so the power cable can pass through.
Just drill a whole in the back of the table and the drawer is large enough for the cable head to pass through.
Now, you can also safely and secretly charge your device.
You can also add interior lighting or implement a variety of compartments and partitions.
It\'s time to put the drawer on the table.
Measure the position of the metal rod taken out of the locking system and mark it on the side of the table.
Add tape or some sort of mark to the drill bit so you don\'t drill through the sides.
Drill a small hole first, then drill a hole of the same size as the rod, and use a countersunk bit to widen the end so that if there is a slight change in motion, the rod can slide in.
Place the drawer under the table and attach it to the top with 10x19g screws.
I once again made marks and holes where the screws would go.
It may move around when connecting the drawer.
So I use a ruler as a buffer to keep it still.
This is the secret drawer of the finished product.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my instructions.
I hope it is easy to understand and useful.
Think about other designs and locking systems you can do.
Please comment on your idea and how I can improve it.
I am still young, inexperienced and constantly learning new technologies every day, so thank you very much for your advice :)
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