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Sink hole magnets custom need to know what?

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
Sink hole magnets custom need to know what? Sink hole magnets, magnet manufacturer in view is a normal magnet, but it seems to the layman, this is not a simple magnet. What is sink hole magnet? A lot of people don't know. Often magnet piece punching way has two kinds, one kind is the straight hole, the other is a kind of sink holes. Straight hole we all know, is a common aperture, exactly what kind of sink hole? Sink holes on the magnet, many of them are in order to facilitate with screw, so you need to sink hole, so it is actually a sink hole hole with size 2 heads, then from the aspects of macroporous down screws, screw to plane and magnet surface flat. * sink hole positive and negative magnets show figure magnets custom then we sink hole, need to pay attention to those aspects? Magnet manufacturer here, we will for you in detail! He needs a hollowed sink hole magnet magnet piece in the middle of the position, so the magnet piece can't be too thin, keep at least 5 mm thick. Then sink hole plane on both sides of the hole not too close, because the magnet is very fragile, if too close, it is easy to break, so we magnet manufacturer will suggest at least 3 mm or so, so so, and not too thin thickness on both sides of the hole to the edge will not be too close, can reduce the probability of fracture.
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