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Sintering process of iron boron magnet materials

by:Maghard      2020-09-04
Ndfeb magnet materials in the sintering process, electroplating before, must be made via chamfering, degreasing, pickling, ultrasonic cleaning and other can be stabilization cleaning process, on the surface of the magnet manufacturer for combination, low porosity, good corrosion resistance and lasting coating. Chamfering small chamfer parts can be used in a centrifugal finishing equipment, large parts grinder can be used after grinding edge with spiral vibration or centrifugal vortex chamfering finishing equipment. Chamfering magnet manufacturer should be in neutral or weak alkaline medium, avoid by all means use chamfer containing acidic or corrosive medium. Oil removal should be done in neutral and weak alkaline except oil, to avoid oxidation and permeability of hydrogen, had better not to anode or cathode electrolytic process. Magnet manufacturer pickling dilute nitric acid solution or weak organic acid pickling short time, but should not be in a strong halogen acid pickling, avoid by all means in the high concentration of acid pickling, otherwise, the material surface coarsening and pulverization sharply
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