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Size magnets how to customize head? Magnets to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-23
Size magnets how to customize head? Tell you the size of the head of the magnet, listen to this name will be able to guess the magnet is with 2 heads, a big head a little head, looks very interesting. In fact, the first magnet size is in our eyes is a magnet manufacturers round pillars, divided into the following two side for cutting, one side is smaller than the other side by cutting grinding after, size is not consistent with the other end. Usually in our the magnets, magnet manufacturers were cut out of the finished product size, first and then on the other side cutting grinding. So, are we customize the magnet what problem should note? Here we tell you magnet manufacturer. Must first determine the specific size of the magnet, big and small head size, respectively, followed by a magnet suction is on both ends of the size of the head or on the side. In general is on both ends of the magnet, but does not rule out some customer specific in the side, so need to make sure these two good, otherwise in the production, the magnet manufacturers will be in accordance with the general magnet for production. That will be more prone to unnecessary trouble, so good to determine the size and direction of magnetic force before production. Do the above points, in the production of reducer magnet will not have what problem.
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