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Small plate big function notebook these parts without magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-25
In fact, many parts of the notebook is inseparable from the magnet, such as the speaker, its basic principle is to rely on the voice coil in the magnetic field of electricity, push the diaphragm to the sound, so behind in speakers, there is a magnet to guarantee their normal work. And notebook to use on the brushless dc fan depends on the stator of a rotating magnetic field generated by the coil, exclusion and attract with magnets on the rotor, so that the fan operation, in this way, the fan must be installed on the rotor magnets, can work normally. Gyroscope, an acceleration sensor and temperature sensor & hellip; … Application of various sensors in the notebook, notebook become smarter, in fact, the detection of magnetic sensors, it is called 'hall sensor, it is based on semiconductor in the peripheral direction of the magnetic field to produce change, will produce the hall voltage difference principle, to detect the change of the magnetic field. Is so magnetic field detection painstakingly, hall sensor for notebook become smarter. In addition, we can know the laptop fan speed, and hall sensor. Fan each roll round, strong magnet stator magnetic field and rotor pole will generate a cyclical change, and the hall element in perception after the change, will produce a pulse, after dealing with the counter, the computer will know that the speed of the fan, in this way, the computer can be adjusted according to the speed, for example, the fan would not turn, warning, found that the fan speed is low, then improve the pulse width, accelerate the speed, in order to ensure the normal order of the laptop to work. In close the laptop screen, for example, the laptop screen will automatically put out, the whole machine to enter a dormant state, by hall sensor. In general, it is in the notebook screen surface magnet installed in the magnet, the mainboard corresponding parts installed in the fuselage hall sensor, when the screen opens, the magnet away from the sensor, the laptop to work properly, when the screen closed, magnet close to the sensor, which can lead to sensor near the magnetic field changes, which makes sensors to perceive the screen state changes, and through the peripheral circuits and systems, laptops to enter a dormant state, in order to reduce power consumption. Over the years, Western Europe is given priority to with Britain, France, Germany, the United States, has been to a lot of time and energy on international and regional standardization activities, attempts to control the international standards of technical power for a long time, and spare no effort to turn national standard to international standard. In order to achieve the convergence of European standards with international standards, in 1990, CENELEC ( European electrical standards committee) With the IEC signed bilateral cooperation agreement. In 1991, the European standard committee ( CEN) Also signed a technical cooperation agreement with the ISO, two agreements established the principle of international standardization, emphasizes the ability to collaborate, to avoid duplication. CEN/CENELEC wait for as far as possible with the use of the existing international standards and to be borne by the ISO/IEC or the CEN/CENELEC standardization project by the two agencies for examination and approval of parallel, draft standard through, which is the international standard and European standard promulgated at the same time. 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