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Special magnet basic classification of ferrite is analysed

by:Maghard      2020-09-04
Spin spin magnetic magnetic materials magnetic material refers to the steady magnetic field and electromagnetic wave are two mutually perpendicular magnetic field, the plane of polarization of electromagnetic wave propagation inside the material while in a certain direction, but the polarization plane will continue to spread around the direction of the phenomenon. Metal, while also has a certain amount of spin magnetic alloy material, but because of the low resistivity, eddy current loss is too big, electromagnetic waves won't go into the interior, so can't use. Therefore, ferrite magnetic material application of spin magnetic became ferrite unique field. Gyromagnetic materials mostly with conveying microwave waveguide or transmission lines, etc all kinds of microwave devices. Mainly used in radar, communication, navigation, remote sensing and other electronic devices. This moment of magnetic materials is a square loop of ferrite materials. Its characteristic is, when a relatively small role in the external magnetic field, can make the magnetization, and saturated, get rid of the external magnetic field, magnetic remain with saturated. Such as magnesium, manganese ferrite, special-shaped magnet lithium manganese ferrite, etc. The memory of the ferrite material is mainly used for various electronic computer magnetic core, etc. Piezomagnetic material when this kind of material is magnetized in the direction of the magnetic field as a mechanical elongation or shortening of ferrite materials, such as nickel zinc ferrite, nickel copper and nickel chromium ferrite, and so on. Piezomagnetic materials mainly used for mutual transformation between electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy transducer, magnetostrictive devices used in ultrasound. Soft magnetic materials, this kind of material under the weak magnetic field, the easy magnetization are also prone to demagnetization, such as chromium, zinc and nickel zinc ferrite, and so on. Soft magnetic ferrite is widely used currently, many varieties, quantity is big, high output of a ferrite materials. It is mainly used for all kinds of inductive components, special-shaped magnet magnetic core, such as filter core, transformer core, radio and tape recording and video head, etc. , is the key material for magnetic recording device. Permanent magnetic ferrite with a uniaxial anisotropic hexagon structure of the compound. Mainly is the barium and strontium, lead, three kinds of ferrite and its composite solid solution. There are magnetic homosexual and heterosexual magnetic. Because this kind of ferrite materials in external magnetic field disappeared, can still long kept constant remanent magnetization properties of strong, can be used in the outer space to produce steady magnetic field. Its application is very extensive, for example: in all kinds of meters, generators, telephone, speakers, TV set and a permanent magnets used in microwave devices. Hard magnetic materials, hard ferrite magnetic material is not easy to demagnetization after magnetization, therefore, also known as the permanent magnetic material or permanent magnetic materials. Such as barium ferrite, ferrite steel, etc. Alien magnet it is mainly used for telecom devices in the recorder, pickup, speakers, all kinds of instrument of the magnetic core.
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