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Special magnet manufacturer to introduce China's rare earth is called the 'industrial vitamin'

by:Maghard      2020-08-14
Aliens introduced China's rare earth magnet manufacturer called 'industrial vitamin' at present, the world's proven less than one hundred million tons of rare earth resources, is scarce and very important strategic resources. Former Xiong Jiaji rare earth leading group members by the State Council on March 19, 2010, in an interview with reporters said, almost no one does not admit of rare earth in new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, new materials and other strategic emerging industries plays a key role in the 'new energy and automation to melt, the 21st century will be the century of the industrial revolution'. The use of rare earth materials is very extensive and important. In April 2010, hunan rare earth metal material research institute said in an interview with the media, each of the rare earth elements can form the industry hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, rare earth is called the 'industrial vitamin. Rare earths are widely used in many industries, not only in the high-tech industry, and mobile phone, computer hard drives, monitors and so on a large number of production of daily necessities of life without rare earths. Therefore, rare earth is also known as real 'gold in the 21st century. Powerful magnet WWW. ctscs。 Com about national strategic competition between the rare earths are one of the clean energy industry the core of the material, or even involving military high-tech core department such as national security, about strategic competition between the countries. The United States' patriots' can accurate intercept incoming missiles, special-shaped magnet manufacturers benefit from its guidance system in use for about 4 kg of titanium tungsten cobalt magnets and iron boron magnets. Process knowledge: abnormity magnet manufacturer to introduce the main varieties of hematite ore (hematite 赤铁矿) For anhydrous ferric oxide ore, its chemical formula is Fe2O3, theory of the iron content is 70%. This kind of ore for giant ore deposits in the nature, it is the main ore in industrial production. By itself the state of the structure can be divided into many different categories: red hematite ( 红色的赤铁矿) , specularite ( Specularhematite) , mica iron ore ( 云母赤铁矿) , clayey red iron ( Red Ocher) And so on. Hematite iron content is 50% ~ 60%, commonly containing sulfur and phosphorus less harmful impurities, restoring the magnetite is good, so the hematite is a kind of good raw material for ironmaking. Hematite have native, also have wild, regeneration of magnetite after oxidation loss of magnetic hematite, but still kept the crystallization of magnetite in the shape of martite, often contain some residual in the martite magnetite. Sometimes also contain a lot of hematite in hematite weathering products, such as limonite ( 2 fe2o3· 3H2O) 。 Hematite has half a metallic luster, crystal hardness of 5. 5 ~ 6, earthy hematite hardness is low, no cleavage, relative density of 4. 9 to 5. 3, only weak magnetism, the gangue silicate. Nature of Fe2O3 as variants known there are two more homogenous, namely & alpha; - Fe2O3 and & gamma; - Fe2O3。 The former stable under natural conditions, known as the hematite; The latter under natural conditions than & alpha; - Fe2O3 is stable, in the metastable state, called a magnetic hematite. Hematite: Fe 69. 94%,30 O。 06%, often containing class quality with foreign matter like Ti, Al, Mn, Fe2 +, Ca, Mg, and small amounts of Ga and Co. Trigonal system, perfect crystal rare. Hematite crystals for steel gray, implicit crystal; Earthy red hematite. Streaks of cherry red color or fresh pork liver. Metal to a half metallic luster. Sometimes tarnish. Hardness 5 ~ 6. The proportion of 5 ~ 5. 3. An aggregate of hematite has various forms, form some mineral subspecies, namely: ( 1) Specularite for metallic luster of the rosette or flake hematite. ( 2) Mica with metallic luster crystal fine hematite squamous hematite. ( 3) Oolitic hematite or reniform shape the oolitic hematite or reniform. Hematite is one of the iron content is widely distributed in nature, can be formed in various geological processes, but by hydrothermal process, sedimentation and regional metamorphism. In the oxidation zone, can be made of limonite and hematite lepidocrocite, goethite ( Goethite) The 'formed by the dehydration. But also can be changed into goethite and hematite water, etc. Under the condition of reduction, can be transformed into magnetite and hematite said illusion magnetite. Magnetic hematite: & gamma; - Fe2O3, its chemical composition often contain Mg, Mn and Ti foreign matter. Cubic system, the pentagon three tetrahedron crystal class, more granular aggregate, dense block, often with magnetite illusion. Color and streaks are all brown, hardness 5, the proportion of 4. 88, strong magnetism. Magnetic hematite is mainly formed by the magnetite under the condition of oxidation by the secondary change. Magnetite of Fe2 + completely replaced Fe3 + ( 3价铁→ 2Fe3+) One-third of fe2 +, so occupied octahedral position vacancy. In addition, the magnetic hematite can be made of fine iron ore fluid loss and form, also have formed by iron oxide by organic. / dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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