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Special magnet processing mode of production

by:Maghard      2020-08-15
Since it is alien, processing natural is more difficult than the ordinary some difficulty, including the magnetization. Guess you will ask? Special magnet mainly use in where? The most widely used of special-shaped magnetic materials are: ferrite, ndfeb. Especially the abnormity of mechanical and electronic magnetic tile, it is one of the more common abnormity magnet. Mainly used in wind generators, motors, motor, all kinds of machines, acoustic and other industrial USES. In what we call the motor, mainly for the brushless motor and ac servo motor, and given priority to with tile shape, because the current of sintered NdFeB is given priority to with one-way orientation, namely magnetic only one direction of magnetization, so it cannot make the circular for more than 2 pole of magnetization. Some friends took a magnet products and hardware products, actually otherwise, hardware products such as milling, cars, planing, grinding can be performed to processing, and a magnet products limited and grinding, because the physical properties of magnets to hard and brittle, planer, milling, vehicles and other processing method will cause damage to the magnet itself, however, magnetic products and hardware products have one thing in common, magnet products can also be punched, ndfeb strong magnet magnetic tile generally used in brushless motors,
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