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Spherical magnets custom need to pay attention to?

by:Maghard      2020-09-04
Spherical magnets custom need to pay attention to? Spherical magnet customization is not rare in our magnet manufacturers, it is a common ball products, application fields has particularity. Not all industries can use on the spherical magnets. We produce spherical magnet, for example, is a mechanical device application, magnet has a characteristic, is sensitive to magnetic field, the electric current is the magnetic field, a magnetic field magnet ball will be shaking, so it can ensure the safety of the mechanical equipment on the current. We the spherical magnet customized for the customers, we often asked the first sample do test, pull test can be customer requirements for product whether there is difference in time, if there is a difference can be adjusted in a timely manner, thus in the save unnecessary waste of losses for the customer. In our magnet spherical custom manufacturer, we as a professional manufacturer of magnet in the know you demand product cases, we will cooperate with you in the magnet custom proofing production, at the same time also will recommend appropriate performance materials for you to cooperate. If you have questions in the custom for a spherical magnet can contact with our professional magnet manufacturer, we will speak to explain to you!
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