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Spot supply circular ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2020-08-18
Circular ferrite magnets cash supply because of circular belong to regular shape, with very common on the market, many industries can use almost, for example: leather goods, packing box, bluetooth headset, etc. , are all these with the wafer, so there will be pressure goods do not exist. Besides some rings ferrite are also has a lot of off-the-shelf specifications. For industry, especially the custom industry, many factories are generally not in stock. Small make up received a customer today, just want to ask a ready-made, samples are in urgent need of a little now, because it's normal, so we provide customers with free of charge. Some people will feel strange, you just said custom industry is not only not for spot? Now how to say again, this is not the face? Magnet factory doesn't have a lot of on the spot because almost every industry products are applied to the magnet, it of the specifications of the shape will be different, so can't prepare a lot of stock and we can only according to the requirements of every industry customers to custom.
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